Georgia and the Quest for Electrical Security

ხმელთა მნათი

Jesse Dylan Young from Johns Hopkins University, Global Policy School of Advanced International Studies, explored the energy system of Goergia, its shortcomings and future opportunities in his study “To Light the Lands”: Georgia and the Quest for Electrical Security."  You can find the full text available here in English and its Georgian translation by Green Alternative.    Executive Summary:  Georgia lacks coal, …


Nenskra: new players, new risks


More than a year after Salini Impregilo, a major construction company, mysteriously abandoned the Nenskra hydropower project before construction had even begun, new contractors are now said to have been hired to build Georgia’s biggest and most divisive hydropower project. According to South Korean media, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai E&C) and Limak have won a …



A leaked contract between the Georgian government and the company behind the Nenskra hydropower project includes terms that indicate the project will incur massive losses for the state, according to a report broadcast on 8 June by the national television station Rustavi 2.


Five reasons why EBRD should pull out of the controversial Nenskra hydropower project


As the realisation of the project keeps dragging on, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the EBRD, and all international financial institutions involved, to justify their engagement. The Georgian government is nowadays promoting the construction of over 30 new hydropower plants throughout the country’s mountainous regions, with the billion dollar Nenskra hydropower plant in the Upper Svaneti region being …


Leaked World Bank report depicts Georgia’s Nenskra hydropower project as major liability


Successive international analyses have cast serious doubts over the financial viability of the planned Nenskra plant. While the Georgian government keeps the project’s contract confidential, a leaked World Bank report offers a scathing account of the fiscal implications of this hydropower development. Community members, experts and civil society groups have long been warning about the …


Controversial dam project in Georgia abandoned by constructor


Already mired by controversy, the billion dollar Nenskra hydropower plant is now facing another major hurdle as the company contracted to realize the project is now leaving it. The USD 575 million worth contract between the Italian construction company Salini Impregilo and the project promoter was signed in August 2015. But with increasing tensions with …


Devastating floods are the latest warning sign about controversial Nenskra hydropower project


From the outside, this tragedy might seem like a natural disaster, a force majeure. But one cannot ignore the human factors at play. Community members in Georgia’s Upper Svaneti region and environmental groups, worried about the impacts of unchecked hydropower development, have long been warning that decision makers are overlooking the unstable seismological, geological and …


Price tag of Georgia’s Nenskra dam goes through the roof


New information reveals the disproportionate price that Georgia’s government guarantees to pay for electricity from the Nenskra dam. The increasingly unfavourable economics strengthen calls to finally make the project’s contract publicly available. Among the numerous concerns surrounding the Nenskra hydropower project (HPP) is a lack of transparency about the contract between the Georgian government and the project company. Its …


Déjà vu in biodiversity: public banks pitted against international convention


Europe’s wildlife guardian has sent a warning to Georgia over changes to a protected area in the Caucasus mountains. International lenders are interested in financing hydro developments in the region. On Monday, November 13, the Secretariat of the Bern Convention, the European wildlife treaty, sent a letter to Georgia’s Ministry of Environment asking for clarification …


Nenskra HPP: the concerns of worried locals fall on deaf ears of project developers


In an interview, a teacher from Chuberi in the Svaneti mountains gave us an impression of how the project developers of the planned Nenskra dam engage with locals. Evidence gathered by Bankwatch during a field trip to the Upper Svaneti region of Georgia to investigate the implementation of the Nenskra hydro power project (HPP) suggests …


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