Today, March 14 marks the 15th annual celebration of the international Day of Action for Rivers. Theme for 2012 International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, Water and Life is “Keep Our Rivers Free!”.


Today communities worldwide address authorities and decision makers to support protection of rivers through policy and legislation improvement. Association Green Alternative joins the international day of action reminding the Georgian society that the Georgian government has proclaimed the year of 2012 as the year of hydro power plants‘ construction. We would like to draw your …


Statement by Green Alternative on Allowing Hunting of Endangered Species


At the end of December 2011, just a couple of days before the New Year the Georgian Government issued a number of legal acts allowing the hunting of endangered species included in the Red List. This decision is alarming especially as the government has not developed any mechanisms for law enforcement, monitoring, combating poaching, protection …


Statement by Green Alternative on Hunting Quotas Approved by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

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On October 28, 2011 Green Alternative sent an appeal to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources requesting public information on hunting species, particularly on the results of registration of hunting species, as well as the information about which methods, periods and territories were used to conduct the research of populations and which scientific organizations/experts …


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