Call for the project external evaluation

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Green Alternative is seeking expertise in the evaluation of a project entitled “Towards the Energy Paradigm Change in South Caucasus”. The evaluator(s) will be responsible for evaluating in accordance with given Terms of Refernce. Proposals should be submitted  Manana Kochladze, no later than 16th of July 2018


Nenskra Hydro Project – Update


The Asian Infrastracture Investment Bank  is considering a non-sovereign loan of USD 100 million for a 280 MW reservoir-type hydropower plant, located in the Nenskra and Nakra valleys of Northwest Georgia. We would like to provide information about new developments that the AIIB should consider as part of its due dillgence on the project. See more …


Comments on National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) of Georgia


The one of the main problematic issue of the document is whether it has ability to serve the aims of implementation of Renewable directive, particularly to the major goals of the Directive. Namely it includes following: “increased use of energy from renewable sources”, “increasing technological improvements, incentives for the use and expansion of public transport, …


New wave of protests against the Nenskra dam


On April 21, around 200 people went on a protest in Chuberi to once again oppose the construction of the Nenskra dam and to demand their indigenous status that grants a higher level of safeguards. Since the Nenskra project’s launch in 2015, local Svans have been continuously raising their concerns over the 280-megawatt hydropower plant (HPP) at …


Statement on another planned restructuring of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture

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As it is known, in December 2017, the Parliament of Georgia approved the completely unfounded initiative of the Government of Georgia to merge the Ministry for Protection of Environment and Natural Resources with the Ministry of Agriculture and transfer certain functions concerning the use of natural resources to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.  …


Indigenous Svan communities unite to block hydro development in Svaneti


Protesters meet in Mestia to issue a petition that would block harmful infrastructural developments in Svaneti. Representatives of all 17 communities of Upper Svaneti gathered in Mestia for a traditional Svan Council meeting, Lalkhor, to oppose the development of gold mining and hydropower projects in Svaneti that threaten local livelihoods and ecosystems. The protesters restated their demands – discontinuation of …


Comments on the Nenskra supplementary environmental and social studies


Comments on the Nenskra supplementary environmental and social studies. The revised supplementary studies for the Nenskra project fail to properly perform a cost/benefit analysis. It lacks an assessment of the energy efficiency alternatives, the environmental externalities, the opportunity costs and even an economic internal rate of return has not been estimated. This briefing details our concerns …


Six reasons for not financing the Nenskra hydropower project in Georgia


This briefing outlines the main issues with the Nenskra hydropower project shortly before both the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank will decide on financing the project. The problems relate to: – the transparency of the project contract, – the rights of indigenous people, – social impacts assessment, land  acquisition …


Nenskra HPP poses possible threat to Georgian biodiversity hot spot


In January 2016 the Georgian government decided to exclude from the Bern Convention’s candidate Emerald Site “Svaneti 1” all territories that are part of the valleys of the Nenskra and Nakra rivers which are relevant for the construction of the Nenksra hydro power plant (HPP). This briefing, prepared for the Standing Committee of the Bern …


Price tag of Georgia’s Nenskra dam goes through the roof


New information reveals the disproportionate price that Georgia’s government guarantees to pay for electricity from the Nenskra dam. The increasingly unfavourable economics strengthen calls to finally make the project’s contract publicly available. Among the numerous concerns surrounding the Nenskra hydropower project (HPP) is a lack of transparency about the contract between the Georgian government and the project company. Its …


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