Failing local communities, Report on the Land Assessment and Livelihoods Restoration Plan for the Nenskra Hydropower Project


A field investigation conducted by CEE Bankwatch Network in the Nenskra and Nakra valleys in Upper Svaneti in Georgia during two visits in July 2017 has found direct evidence that the Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan (LALRP) developed by JSC Nenkra Hydro is inaccurate and fails to properly map, assess and provide adequate compensation …


Woman and Energy – Uneasy Relations


The relations between the energy and woman are not easy all around the world. In Georgia, it includes not only gender blind energy policy, but also ongoing construction of hydropower or fuel plants, transmission lines, setting up of tariffs and etc. does not include any gender aspects. In Georgia, energy sector related impacts on gender …


The reforms related to environmental protection and climate change under EU –Georgia Association Agreement


The Association Agreement between EU and Georgia (AA), signed on June 27, 2014 creates a framework for bilateral cooperation through environmental protection and climate change chapter, while implementation of numerous multilateral environmental agreements  (MEA) is requirement of DCFTA part. During the period there has been some progress on institutional and legal approximation: See more


Comments on Nenskra Hydropower Project Supplementary Environmental & Social Studies, by JSC Nenskra hydro


Comments  on Nenskra Hydropower Project Supplementary Environmental & Social Studies,  by JSC Nenskra hydro The 280 MW Nenskra hydropower plant (HPP) is one of 35 hydropower plants slated for development in Upper Svaneti, small mountainous region in Georgia. Over 70 per cent of the hydropower plants planned for Upper Svaneti would be sited inside or …


Public Information Interim Policy

abra GA

President Liqun Jin Vice President Danny Alexander Vice President Joachim von Amsberg The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank B9 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100033, P.R. China CC:,,, Subject:  Public Information Interim Policy   April 19,2017 Dear President Jin, Vice President Sir Alexander and Vice President von Amsberg,    We are writing …


Critical Aspects of Current Mineral Resources Governance in Georgia


This report highlights the critical aspects of current Mineral Resources Governance in Georgia, which we believe are not properly researched and recognized by the Government and create barriers for sustainable mineral resources governance and ultimately, to the sustainable development of the country. See more


Don’t Dam the rivers – The story of Nenskra Hydropower plant in Svaneti, Georgia


Government of Georgia has promoted hydropower as a way of tackling energy security and turning the country into a regional energy player and introduced plans to construct over 114 hydropower plants (HPPs) in Georgia1 , including Nenskra, Khudoni, Namakhvani Oni Dams, slated for construcƟon. Dozens of addiƟonal plants have been idenƟfied as potenƟal investment opportuniƟes, …


The progress in implementation of EU Georgia Association Agreement Environment and Sustainable Development


The EU-Georgia Association Agreement signed on June 27, 2014. It establishes the framework for cooperation between Georgia and the European Union. Under the agreement, Georgia undertakes commitment to carry out reforms and gradually harmonize own legislation in the relevant sectors with 300 legal acts of the European Union, including in the environment and sustainable development …


Green Alternative comments on EU Member States and Switzerland’s Joint Programming sectoral strategic fiche “Sustainable use of Natural resources”.

abra GA

The Sector Strategy Fiche “Sustainable use of Natural Resources” reviews different sectors (Energy, Environment, Water, Waste, Climate, Biodiversity, Natural disasters) and determines key issues that need to be addressed by the Donors in 2017-2020 in Georgia. See more


What are the benefits of Georgia’s accession to the “EU-Georgia Associaion Agreement” for the nature of Georgia


The present policy brief e aims at familiarizing the wider public with important issues related to the nature protection under "EU-Georgia Association Agreement", independent assessment of existing problems and challenges, identification of ways to address them and advocacy. The studies show that the adoption and implementation of the laws of Georgia "On Biological Diversity" and …


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