How not to Manage Garbage.


Not only Batumi resort area, but also the Black Sea suffers because of wrong management of household wastes. Batumi landfill site is located along the Tchorokh River, in a distance of 2 km from the coast of the Black Sea and around 3 km away from Batumi International Airport. The landfill site is not fenced, …




In June 2014 Georgia signed Association Agreement with the EU thus laying grounds for new cooperation legal framework. By signing the document Georgia has committed itself to carry out, within a specific timeframe, reforms in various areas. A range of issues has been identified in Nature protection, referring to habitat and species protection, wildlife and …


New mudflow hits Georgian village as rainy season reveals poor assessment of hydropower plans


As rains cause mudflows in Georgia's mountains, locals from different regions unite to protest hydropower developments in geologically unstable areas. In the night of June 30, strong mudflow hit the village of Nakra in Upper Svaneti, in Georgia’s Caucasus mountains, damaging several properties and destroying two bridges. Caused by torrential rains the mudflow from the …




Chemicals are used in industry, agriculture, and in the household. However, certain chemicals may be dangerous to the environment and human health, and their misapplicaton will cause severe damage. Respectively, proper management of chemicals is very important. A comprehensive law on chemicals – REACH regulations – is in force in the European Union. REACH aims …


Workshop Institutional Capacity Building in the Area of Environment Protection


On June 9, 2016 Green Alternative together with partner organization – Lithuanian Fund for Nature- organized workshop dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable forest governance issues in Georgia. The workshop took place in Hotel Tbilisi Marriott. 27 participants including specialists from MENRP, NFA, APA, Biodiversity service, NGOs, private sector, donor organizations and academic institutions took …


Eight arrested in protest against Georgian dam


Protests against large dams in Georgia's Svaneti mountains have led to confrontations with police. Locals are losing patience over the protracted consultation process on the project. Police special forces were deployed last Friday, 20 May to clear a blockade of an access road leading to the planned Nenskra dam site in Georgia’s northwest. The confrontation …


Georgia swept by protests against EBRD-backed hydropower


Protests have in recent weeks broken out across rural Georgia after construction resumed on several large hydropower projects financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). At the sites of the Shuakhevi, Nenskra and the Dariali hydropower plants (HPPs), demonstrators have complained that the projects were repeatedly decided behind closed doors, and that poor assessments of the social and …


Implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification in Georgia


Implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification in Georgia Institutional mapping & Assessment of capacity needs for monitoring and reporting


In Georgia, protests against dams precede development bank meetings


Protests have in recent weeks broken out across rural Georgia after construction resumed on several large dam projects. At the sites of the Shuakhevi, Nenskra and the Dariali hydropower plants, demonstrators have complained that the projects were decided behind closed doors, and that poor assessments of the social and environmental consequences mean their livelihoods are …


Briefing paper on environmental and social impacts of the Nenskra Hydropower Plant project


The Asian Develoment Bank (ADB) is in the process of assessing a loan for the 280 megawatt Nenskra hydropower plant in the northwest of Georgia. The project is under appraisal for co-financing by the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is to be built by a Korean investor.See more


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