In early September, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia released a revised version of the new draft normative act regulating the environmental impact assessment (EIA) system. The package of draft legislative acts released for public consultation included the following acts:

- Draft Environmental Assessment Code of Georgia;
- Draft law amending the Law of Georgia on Licenses and Permits;
- Draft law amending the Law of Georgia on License and Permit Fees.

A roundtable discussion was held at the Ministry on September 23-24 to discuss the Draft Environmental Assessment Code (and the above mentioned, so called “accompanying” draft laws). National and international consultants as well as ministry employees involved in the development of the draft code answered the questions from the participants of the meeting. According to the statement posted on the Ministry’s website, another public discussion was planned to be held on October 12, where all stakeholders would have been able to present their remarks and comments; later, the planned discussion was cancelled and no other version of the draft code has been available to the public since then. During the September 23-24 discussion, the representatives of the Ministry additionally noted that the draft code would be comprehensively discussed with the structural units of the Ministry, as well as other agencies and stakeholders. The Ministry planned to submit the draft code (legislative package) to the Parliament of Georgia in December 2015. But, as it seems, it failed and apparently, the draft code will be submitted to the Parliament during the 2016 spring session. See more