Government of Georgia has promoted hydropower as a way of tackling energy security and turning the country into a regional energy player and introduced plans to construct over 114 hydropower plants (HPPs) in Georgia1 , including Nenskra, Khudoni, Namakhvani Oni Dams, slated for construcƟon. Dozens of addiƟonal plants have been idenƟfied as potenƟal investment opportuniƟes, resulƟng in an unclear mix of conflicƟng projects that may place an excessive burden on the environment and people’s livelihoods. The combinaƟon of weak environmental legislaƟon and the lack of strategic plans have enabled the Georgian government to rush forward concessions on around 84 plants since the adopƟon of the EU-Georgia AssociaƟon Agreement in June 2014. See more