Protests against the Khudoni mega-dam in Georgia are spreading beyond the local communities affected by the dam. [*]

We recently reported how local opposition against the Khudoni hydropower plant project in Georgia is being stifled by government figures and how people were intimidated to avoid negative reporting on the subject. The native communities in the Svaneti region are protesting against the project which would expel them from their land and way of living.

The dedication of the Svan communities has triggered solidarity across the country. While protests against the Khudoni dam are becoming a regular feat, many famous supporters have now joined the protests publicly.

Rallies against Khudoni took place on Tuesday, October 2 in Tbilisi, Mestia (an important town in Svaneti) and Kaishi (one of the towns to be flooded). In Mestia, representatives of different communities from Svaneti and environmentalists gathered in front of the State Office and demanded to stop the Khudoni dam project. See More