On December 13-14, 2010 Green Alternative and Teghut Defense Group - a civic initiative in Armenia, organized the conference in Yerevan, Armenia. 

The Conference aimed to reveal and discuss the concerns of experts and non-governmental organizations related to one of the most controversial mining initiative implemented in Armenia – Teghut Copper-Molybdenum Mining Project.

The Statement adopted by Conference calls:

the Armenian authorities to: 

• suspend Teghut mining project until reassessment of its environmental impacts;
• arrange for non-biased and comprehensive environmental impact assessment in accordance with international best practice;
• commence consultations with Georgian authorities and the public on the potential transboundary impacts of Teghut mining project.

And the Georgian authorities to: 

• ratify the Espoo Convention;
• engage in consultations with the Armenian authorities to identify likely environmental impacts in the transboundary context.

For additional information, 

International Conference on the Environmental Safety of Teghut Copper-Molybdenum Mining Project - Summary


Please, contact: Teghut Defence Group at: teghut2009@gmail.com and/or Green Alternative at: greenalt@greenalt.org