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Association Green Alternative is implementing the project funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation ”EU Energy Community – Challenges for European Integration”.The objectives of the project are:

To identify institutional, legal and policy changes that are instrumental to ensure the implementation of EU-Georgia Association Agreement and to become the full member of the  EU Energy Community;
To promote public debate on challenges of implementation of the  EU-Georgia Association Agreement Energy Charter;
To increase awareness and access to information of interested groups regarding the EU-Georgia integration processes in the energy sector.

Green Alternative is inviting researchers to submit research proposal to review, analyze and provide suggestions regarding the challenges of Georgia’s energy sector due to the application for full membership in the European Energy Community and implementation of energy sector related obligations under EU-Georgia Association Agreement, the cost implications and benefits of harmonization, and provide recommendations regarding institutional, policy/legal and regulatory set up and relevant changes.

The potential researcher shall use his/her education, experience and knowledge to prepare an analysis that should address following topics:

1. The status of compliance of the Georgian legislation with the European Energy Community Treaty, and the EU energy directives indicated in the EU-Georgia Association Agreement;

2. How the EU energy policy objectives can be transposed in the Georgian energy policy; what are the opportunities, potentials, obstacles, barriers;

3. Recommendations regarding the institutional, policy/legal and regulatory set up  to ensure the compliance with the requirements of European Energy Community and EU-Georgia Association Agreement.


- Comprehensive report addressing above-mentioned topics;
4 pages executive summary;
List of references;
List of interviewees. 

The report should be written in clear and easy-to-read language for decision-makers, civil society groups and media.

Timeline: Draft of the report should be submitted to Green Alternative by the end of June 2014 and the final products – by the end of September 2014.

Selection criteria: Research proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

- Price;
Methodology to be used;
Researcher/Company's past experience in similar projects;
Experience of the researchers/staff to be involved in the  research

Deadline: The deadline for submission of  proposals is February 21, 2014. Candidates will be notified about the outcomes in 5 working days after the deadline.

Requested information: The proposal should include:

** Researcher’s /Organization’s name;
** Methodology to be used;
** Resercher’s/Organization's experience in conducting studies on energy issues;
** Number of employees involved, brief description of their position, duties in this research and CVs
** Plan and timeline, also indicating earliest possible start date of the research;
** Price and detailed budget.

Please send your proposals to Natia Ksovreli,  nksovreli@greenalt.org, and indicate “Research proposal” in the subject of the email.