The round table meeting was organized by Prague Global Policy Institute – Glopolis and Aarhus Centre Georgia on 5 November 2009 at the Aarhus Center in Tbilisi. The roundtable was titled: Should civil society be involved in policy making?: sharing advocacy know-how between Czech and Georgian civil society.

Representatives of Georgian non-governmental and media organizations, international organizations, as well as other interested parties participated in the meeting. Opening speech on possible Georgian NGOs and EC cooperation was made by Michal Nekvasil from the EC Delegation to Georgia. Petr Patocka from Glopolis and Kety Gujaraidze from Green Alternative made presentations respectively on Czech and Georgian civil society advocacy experience, advocacy tools applied by civil society organizations and some of the problematic issues in their advocacy work. The topics of the discussion following the presentations included: barriers for advocacy work, how to increase the CSOs capacity in advocacy and how the Georgian and Czech CSOs can cooperate in advocacy work.