Since 2000 Association Green Alternative, is a part of CEE Bankwatch Network. CEE Bankwatch Network works across the central and eastern European region to monitor the activities of international financial institutions and propose constructive environmental and social alternatives to the policies and projects they support.

The Green Alternative works to prevent the environmentally and socially harmful  impacts of international development finance, and to promote alternative solutions an public participation.  The projects funded by IFIs can often be detrimental to the rights and well-being of individuals and communities have very negative impacts on individuals and communities, on the climate, on biodiversity and natural habitats. IFIs, by focusing on the economic bottom-line, often overlook and thus factually assist in creating long-term economic harms, violating human rights, and more.

In our work we continue to make the case to the IFIs that they should refocus their lending and make it more sustainable  – e.g. instead of concentrating on investments  in fossil fuel  and traditional power projects which only add to climate change, environmental destruction and misery among local communities, with  much cleaner and sustainable options that are available in the shape of renewable energies and energy efficiency projects.