Georgia and the Quest for Electrical Security

ხმელთა მნათი

Jesse Dylan Young from Johns Hopkins University, Global Policy School of Advanced International Studies, explored the energy system of Goergia, its shortcomings and future opportunities in his study “To Light the Lands”: Georgia and the Quest for Electrical Security."  You can find the full text available here in English and its Georgian translation by Green Alternative.    Executive Summary:  Georgia lacks coal, …


Organizations address to Prime Minister to consider the threats of Kvesheti Kobi road to Russia


Part of the Georgian non-governmental organizations addressed to the Prime-Minister of Georgia, the President of the Asian Development Bank, and the President of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in an official letter to bring to their attention concerns related to North-South Corridor Kvesheti-Kobi road section.  The project which intends to better connect the Caucasus to Russia and is planned to be constructed within the unique …