A better understanding of land governance in Georgia


A better understanding of land governance in Georgia A new project funded by the European Union to support information and awareness about the land governance in the country. The strong relationship between people and land supported by sound land governance are fundamental in achieving sustainable development. Green Alternative will carry out the two-and-a-half year project …


Green Alternative will hold press conference regarding the Paravani HPP project


Press release Press conference will be held on Paravani HPP project November 28, 2013, 15:00 pm, venue: Hotel “Vere Palace” On November 28, 2013 (Thursday) at 15:00 am, Green Alternative will hold press conference on Paravani HPP project funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Green Alternative will present results of the …


NGO Statement on Khudoni Hydropower Plant Project


On October 15, 2013 the Georgian civil society organizations made a statement on planned Khudoni Dam project in Svaneti, Georgia. The organizations stress that high level officials, including Prime Minister and Minister of Energy neglect legal procedures on decision-making over the planned project, as well as exert pressure on competent authorities and project-affected communities. They …


Progress in Implementation of Certain Areas of ENP EU – Georgia Action Plan in Georgia for a Period December 1, 2011-October 31, 2013


This document shortly describes progress in implementation of certain priority areas defined under the ENP EU-Georgia Action Plan for the period of November 1 2012 – October 15 2013. The Parliamentary elections 2012, October 1 had and impact on environmental protection and sustainable development fields in Georgia, due to the fact that incumbent coalition “Georgian …


Growing solidarity with local communities in Georgia puts Khudoni dam in spotlight


Protests against the Khudoni mega-dam in Georgia are spreading beyond the local communities affected by the dam. [*] We recently reported how local opposition against the Khudoni hydropower plant project in Georgia is being stifled by government figures and how people were intimidated to avoid negative reporting on the subject. The native communities in the Svaneti region are protesting …


Green Alternative’s position on the construction of Khudoni HPP in Mestia Municipality, Zemo Svaneti


The position paper starts with reviewing social, economic and environmental concerns related to the planned Khudoni hydro power plant (hereinafter – Khudoni HPP) project, which prompt Green Alternative to oppose the project implementation in its proposed form. The paper continues with procedural violations detected during public consultation meetings organized by Trans Electrica company in Khaishi …


In Georgia, dam builders do not welcome peoples’ concerns


Statements and behaviour of Georgian authorities show their determination to go ahead with the construction of the huge Khudoni dam that would displace more than 2000 indigenious Svans, regardless of public protests. At the same time the project company's set-up raises questions about ulterior motives.  Svaneti, a Georgian region full of gorgeous mountains 5 000 …


In Georgia, locals voice opposition to mega dam during consultations despite intimidation


Khaishi – A public debate over the fate of the Khudoni dam <http://bankwatch.org/our-work/projects/hydropower-development-georgia> in western Georgiaturned tense today as locals opposing the project were intimidated by authorities and the project developer, Transelectrica <http://www.transelectrica.com/> LTD. Despite the threats, villagers in Khaishi turned out in significant numbers to the consultation to express their opposition to the project. Today’s public …


Comments on EBRD Country Strategy for Georgia


Comments from Central and Eastern European Bankwatch Network to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Country Strategy for Georgia 


NGOs statement in response to the statement made by Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia


NGOs statement in response to the statement made by Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia This statement is to react on the report broadcasted on April 22, 2013 in the evening news of TV Channel 9 covering ongoing debates on Khudoni hydropower plant construction project in Svaneti. We have drawn attention to the …


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