Statement on the natural disaster in the Dariali gorge, 17 May 2014


The landslide in the Dariali gorge of the Kazbegi municipality has killed several people and left others missing. The disaster also damaged a section of the road formerly known as the Georgian Military Road. According to the state security and crisis management council, several people have been trapped in the Dariali hydropower plant’s derivation tunnel, …


Darliali hydropower plant project


The Georgian company JSC Dariali Energy has requested a loan of up to USD 80 million from the EBRD for the 108 MW Dariali hydropower (HPP) project. Theproject involves the construction of a derivation-type HPP on the Tergi river in the municipality of Kazbegi. The project will divert water from the town of Stepatsminda towards the powerhouse close …


The Shuakhevi hydropower plant project


Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC (AGL), a subsidiary of the Norwegian Clean Energy Invest, has requested up to USD 86.5 million from the EBRD for the construction of the 185 MW Shuakhevi hydropower plant (HPP). The project involves the construction of the 22-metre Skhalta dam (with a 19.4 hectare reservoir) and the 39-metre Didachara dam (with a 16.9 hectare reservoir) on …