What are the benefits of Georgia’s accession to the “EU-Georgia Associaion Agreement” for the nature of Georgia


The present policy brief e aims at familiarizing the wider public with important issues related to the nature protection under "EU-Georgia Association Agreement", independent assessment of existing problems and challenges, identification of ways to address them and advocacy. The studies show that the adoption and implementation of the laws of Georgia "On Biological Diversity" and …


Case Study – Gender impacts of Nenskra hydro power plant


The World Commission of Dam (WCD) reveals that construction of reservoirs and associated infrastructure may impact woman and man disproportionately. “Given the gender-blindness of the planning process, large dam projects typically build on the imbalance in existing gender relations. For affected communities dams have widened gender disparities either by imposing a disproportionate share of social …


Ambient Air Quality Challenges In Georgia and European Union


This policy brief reflects the key issues of the related to the ambient air quality protection in Georgia, national legislation compliance with EU legislation and existing challenges. As there is clear lack about the state of air quality in the European Union, as well as on the air pollution impact on human health and economy, …