Statement of Non-governmental organizations on the 20 June events

abra GA

We, the undersigned organizations, would like to express our grave concern over the events that took place on June 20. To our greatest regret, the public has once again witnessed the disproportionate use of force by the police against a large-scale civil protest, which resulted in the arrest of tens of individuals and instances of …


Green Alternative’s comments and recommendations on the Draft Policy of Georgia’s Mining Sector


It is likely that the document under consideration will be subject to further changes until it is adopted, but even at this stage, it is very important that the Georgian language version of the document replicate the contents of the English language version. For example, the English language version states that “mineral ownership rights transfer …


In Georgia, leaked contract shows Nenskra hydropower project to cost country USD 60 million a year


Prague, Tbilisi ­– A leaked contract between the Georgian government and the company behind the Nenskra hydropower project includes terms that indicate the project will incur massive losses for the state, according to a report broadcast on 8 June by the national television station Rustavi 2 [1]. The report contradicts the claims of the Georgian government …