The signatory organizations respond to the dispersal of the protest rally of opponents of the construction of the Namakhvani hydropower plant using police force

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On November 14, 2020, the State, using police force, dispersed a protest rally held by the local population against the construction of the Namakhvani hydropower plants' cascade in the village of Zhoneti. The local communities are organizing against one of the largest energy projects in the country's history and protesting against the State's disregard for …


Shortcomings of Georgian Mining Sector Development Planning – Green Alternative’s assessment


“The Georgian Mining Sector Strategy approved by the Government of Georgia is not a national policy adopted with participation of stakeholders; therefore, it must be revoked,” states the study prepared by Green Alternative which assesses the first attempt of developing a national mining sector policy in Georgia.   Labyrinths of Georgian Mining Sector Development Planning …


Georgia’s billion dollar dam violates international standards


Significant failures were found in the project’s compliance with the environmental and social policies of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). After more than two years of investigation, the Nenskra hydropower plant (HPP) project in Georgia was found non-compliant with the standards of two international financial institutions.1 …


Comments and answers on EU Energy Community questionnaire


Comments and answers on EU Energy Community questionnaire regarding “Guidance on the environmental assessments of small hydropower plants”


From the Caucasus to Russia: Why this road?


To “better connect the Caucasus to Russia,” a new road project, Kvesheti-Kobi, is planned to be realized in Georgia. This road section will be part of a north-south corridor that passes the Caucasus and serves to connect the region to Russia. This article was first published on Bankwatch, official publication of NGO forum on ADB.  Starting …


Fears revive in the villages of Shuakhevi as one of Georgia’s biggest hydropower plants starts operation


Georgia’s Shuakhevi hydropower plant (HPP), which once promised to bring energy independence to the country but collapsed soon after becoming operational in 2017, has come back to life. But its return has not been welcome. Locals have started raising concerns that the malfunction of the plant’s derivation tunnels, which pass through their villages, has already …


Status update on the Nenskra hydropower plant project


New comprehensive assessments of project alternatives, climate risks, and environmental and social impacts are necessary if the project will ever restart. Almost two years after Salini Impregilo, a major construction company, mysteriously abandoned the Nenskra hydropower plant (HPP) project before construction had even begun, activity on the project remains at a standstill. Salini Impreglio’s replacement has still not …


The Government takes advantage of the state of emergency and restricts the public participation in the environmental decision-making on controversial projects


Green Alternative and Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) call on the Government of Georgia to suspend the ongoing decision-making processes on planned projects during the period of the state of emergency. With a view to preventing the spread of the new coronavirus in Georgia, to ensure the safety and reduce the possible threat to life …


Comments to Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework review – phase one


A joint civil society submission on AIIB ESF review phase one by VedvarendeEnergi (Denmark), Les Amis de la Terre (France), Verein für sozial-ökologischen Wandel (Germany), Infrastructure Monitoring Coalition (Indonesia), Green Alternative (Georgia), Crude Accountability, Bankwatch Romania and with support from Green Voice (China).


Workshop for Journalists: Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Energy in South Caucasus

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Non-governmental environmental organization and human rights defender Green Alternative is announcing an open call for candidates for an international workshop for journalists working in or covering the South Caucasus. Topics of the workshop will be sustainable energy, climate change, new renewable (wind and solar) energy, EU practices. A 3-day intensive workshop will identify prospects or …