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    Tbilisi’s public transport woes and faltering reforms

    Residents of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi have been struggling with the city’s beleaguered public transport network, related air pollution, road congestion and inadequate access to schools and workplaces for years. In the past decade, Tbilisi authorities with the involvement of international financial institutions, set out to improve the situation. Today however, despite the availability of funds, most of the old problems persist.
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    Paving over paradise Khada Valley, Georgia

    What were once iconic views of Georgia’s beautiful Khada Valley are slowly disappearing. Now, when you drive up the damaged road towards a narrow, 12-kilometre-long gorge, also known as the ‘valley of 60 towers’, the first thing you see is no longer the famous tower of Iukho village. Instead, a massive, white and blue metal construction site appears.