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    The cracks of Shuakhevi

    Water is leaking out of Shuakhevi hydropower plant’s recently reopened dam again. With three international financial institutions involved, who’s responsible for the safety of this USD 420 million project?
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    Saving ‘private’ Rioni: Georgia’s growing environmental protest

    In just a few months, a protest against a large dam on the Rioni River has grown from a handful of people in Lechkhumi, western Georgia into a national demonstration. On the International Day of Action for Rivers, 14 March, thousands of Georgians made history with the largest environmental protest in the country’s recent past.
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    Georgia and the Quest for Electrical Security

    Jesse Dylan Young from Johns Hopkins University, Global Policy School of Advanced International Studies, explored the energy system of Goergia, its shortcomings and future opportunities in his study “To Light the Lands”: Georgia and the Quest for Electrical Security." You can find the full text available here in English and its Georgian translation by Green Alternative.


On June 1-9, the 20 MW Gori wind power plant generated around half of the amount of electricity (2 650 200 Kw.h) produced

by the 187 MW Shuakhevi hydropower plant (4 025 163 Kw.h)