Complaint Regarding The Dariali Hydro Power Plant Project, Georgia – EBRD Project Compliance Mechanism (PCM)

Independent Mechanisms

  • Complainants : Green Alternative, Stepantsminda
  • International Financial Institution: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Case name : Dariali Hydro Power Plant Project
  • Project developer: JSC Dariali Energy
  • Case Number : 2014/05

Complaint :

On May 7, 2014, the EBRD approved up to USD 80 million to JSC Dariali Energy for the 108 MW Dariali HPP project on the river Tergi, Kazbegi Municipality. The project envisages construction of a derivation tunnel in order to divert water from a place close to the town of Stepantsminda towards the powerhouse close to the Russian-Georgian border.

Green Alternative has on many occasions expressed its concern regarding the project development: inadequate appraisal of the environmental and social risks and inadequate mitigation measures, social impacts and impacts on a protected area, lack of public participation, and violation in the decision making and permitting procedures. The violations and faults which have taken place represent not only a violation of Georgian legislation, but also contradict the environmental and social policy of the EBRD.

Materials :