Green Alternative will hold press conference regarding the Paravani HPP project

Press release
Press conference will be held on Paravani HPP project
November 28, 2013, 15:00 pm, venue:
Hotel “Vere Palace”

On November 28, 2013 (Thursday) at 15:00 am, Green Alternative will hold press conference on Paravani HPP project funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Green Alternative will present results of the complaint regarding the Paravani HPP project submitted in the Project Complaint Mechanism (PCM) of the EBRD.  The venue of the discussion is Hotel ‘Vere Palace’.

87 MW Paravani HPP project (Samtskhe-Javakheti region) assumes construction of 14 km derivation tunnel in order to divert river flow of the Paravani river to river Mtkvari upstream of the village Khertvisi. The project also assumes construction of 35 km length 220 KV transmission lines in order to switch HPP to the grid.

In June 14, 2011 EBRD approved and issued 44 million USD for the Paravani HPP project. In December 22, 2011 Green Alternative submitted complaint regarding the environmental and social issues of the project to the Project Compliance Mechanism (PCM) of the EBRD. One of the main issue of the complaint was related to 10% sanitary flow viability in derivation section of the river.

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