Green Alternative's statement on 5 July developments

Green Alternative condemns the developments that took place in connection with Tbilisi Pride on July 5th and were incited by the Georgian Government and the Georgian Orthodox Church. We believe that both of these entities significantly contributed to stirring up the hatred that resulted in attacks on journalists, raiding offices of civil movements and removing the flag of the Council of Europe from the building of parliament on July 5th 2021.

As for the campaign against Namakhvani hydropower plant and Saving Rioni Valley movement: Green Alternative criticized the construction of the hydropower plant well before the local movement was self-organized; thus, we will continue resistance to the project. Unfortunately, Saving Rioni Valley activists, who we considered alleys in this cause, declared unacceptable position related to Tbilisi Pride; moreover, today, on July 5th, they joined the counter demonstration against the March for Dignity that erupted in human rights violence and with this they discredited the entire anti-Namakhvani HPP movement. Green Alternative therefore declares ceasing of communication with Saving Rioni Valley movement.