Natural Resource Management and Factors Conducive to Elite Corruption

Green Alternative prepared three research reports within the framework of the coalition project Detection of Cases of Elite Corruption and Governmental Pressure on Business implemented with the support of Open Society Georgia Foundation. Three reports were prepared in frames of this project:

  1. Madneuli above the Law, which discusses the activities of the companies involved in extraction of non-ferrous metals in Bolnisi district;
  2. The report Energy Projects and Corruption in Georgia discusses the activities of the company Peri and other companies affiliated to it;
  3. The report Hunting of Endangered Animals describes Georgian government’s attempts to introduce commercial hunting of endangered species included in the Red List and the activities of the companies associated with this issue.

Unfortunately, these reports have once again highlighted various characteristics of elite corruption; we have seen systemic problems, which create a fertile ground for the development of elite corruption. At the same time, it appeared that in a number of cases the same persons appear in the studies related to various sectors.

The present document “Natural Resource Management and Factors Conducive to Elite Corruption” has generalized the problems outlined in the above three reports and the recommendations were prepared concerning the measures to be implemented in the above discussed sectors and the struggle against corruption.