Progress in Implementation of Certain Areas of ENP EU-Georgia Action Plan in Georgia for a Period December 1, 2011-October 31, 2013

This document shortly describes progress in implementation of certain priority areas defined under the ENP EU-Georgia Action Plan for the period of November 1, 2012 – October 15, 2013.

The Parliamentary elections 2012, October 1 had and impact on environmental protection and sustainable development fields in Georgia, due to the fact that incumbent coalition “Georgian Dream” announced environmental protection as one of the major priority, in its election platform and confirmed it after election.

Despite of some improvement that includes re-established ministry of Environment and Natural protection, the situation is still critical in an area. The decision making process does not comply all required steps under the legislation. In addition, Georgian society requires fast and drastic changes from newly elected Parliament and newly formed government. In order to show results, the new government may also rush to implement the reforms in the environmental protection sector. The only way out is wider discussions and consultations, revision of proposed reforms, full transparency and wide public participation in order to avoid the mistakes of past.