Public Information Interim Policy

President Liqun Jin
Vice President Danny Alexander
Vice President Joachim von Amsberg
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
B9 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100033, P.R. China

Subject: Public Information Interim Policy  

April 19,2017

Dear President Jin, Vice President Sir Alexander and Vice President von Amsberg,   

We are writing to seek clarification on the policy process concerning the review of Public information Interim Policy (PIIP) would lead in the coming months. We have learned recently that the Bank and Board are reviewing the PIIP internally following the conversations of other CSOs who met with Bank VPs and staff both on-site the Bank’s HQ in Beijing and at other meetings recently.

We share the Bank’s interest in raising public awareness and in the effective implementation of the Environmental and Social Framework and Public Information Interim Policy in Georgia. Currently, there is one proposed project listed on the Bank’s website under ‘proposed projects’ and we recognize the Bank making incremental improvement on information disclosure. However, we see that Bank in December last year approved with few days’ notice the loan for the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline in Turkey. Therefore it is still not clear in the Public Interim Information Policy (PIIP) how many days in advance project documents would be disclosed prior to Board approval, and whether project-affected people and public stakeholders have sufficient time to raise their concerns prior to Board decision. We are cognizant of the fact that other international lenders – the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and alike – require a 120-day disclosure at the minimum.

We appreciate the AIIB’s efforts thus far to give stakeholders the opportunity to provide input on proposed AIIB policies including the ESF and Energy Strategy Sector Note. In our view, the PIIP should also be subject to a timely public review now the Bank is operational and financing a wide range of co-financing and standalone projects.

As an immediate step, we kindly request that you open the review process up to a public consultation, and share a proposed timeline for a process on the AIIB website that is consistent with the practices of other IFIs. For a comparison of access-to-information policies across major IFIs, and where AIIB’s PIIP stands in the ranking, please visit:

We reiterate our appreciation of the openness of the AIIB to engaging with external stakeholders on these policy issues and look forward to working with the AIIB to develop and implement an effective ‘public information policy’.  

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,  

Manana Kochladze