The Address of the NGOs towards the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and the National Agency of the Cultural Protection of Georgia

On December 12, 2014, the Ministry of the Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia (the Ministry) and the National Agency of the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Georgia have issued the decrees (#03/266 and #2/271), resulting in the renewal of the mining works by the “RMG Gold” in Sakdrisi-Kachaghiani. 

Despite the fact that there is a high public interest towards the above issue, neither the Ministry, nor the Agency have publicized any official information on their web-sites, which would have given the stakeholders a possibility to obtain complete and comprehensive information on the issue. 
Therefore, we, the signatories to the present statement, call upon the Ministry and the Agency to consider the especially high public and social interests towards the issue and to immediately and proactively publicize the following decrees and documentation on the Sakdrisi-Kachaghiani: 
The decree of the Minister of the Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, adopted on December 12, 2014 (#03/266) and the decree of the Director General of the National Agency of the Cultural Heritage Protection of Georgia (#2/271) adopted on December 12, 2014, as well as all of the materials of the administrative processes conducted for adopting those decrees (among others, the decisions and supporting documentation adopted by the Ministry and the council/department within the Agency and the Ministry) and all of the other relating documentation that has served the basis for adopting the above decrees; 
The positive conclusions, issued by the Agency, supporting the renewal of the wide-scale mining works at the Sakdrisi-Kachaghiani by the ltd. “RMG Gold” on December 13 and all of the documentation that has served as the basis for issuing the mentioned conclusion.