Tender for Procurement of Evaluation of Regional Project

Green Alternative is pleased to announce a tender for evaluators/evaluation teams to send the expression of interest in the evaluation of the project “Towards the Energy Paradigm Change in South Caucasus, phase 2” in the South Caucasus countries.

We kindly ask all interested evaluators/evaluation teams to send clarification questions to the e-mail address below by January 22.

Please send it to us as part of the expression of interest:

  • A short profile description that gives us information about your competencies, previous work experience of the project evaluations, and suitability for the implementation of the assignment, including meaningful CVs of all participating evaluators. For data protection reasons, we ask you to send the CVs as a separate file;
  • Any questions you may have about the Terms of Reference.

Offers must reach the Green Alternative by Monday, 5 February 2024 at the latest. A complete offer consists of:

  • a content-related offer, which conclusively sets out the methods to be used to achieve the objectives of the evaluation and specifies the timetable;
  • a financial offer, in each case, stating the fees of the respective evaluators for each project and for the overarching analysis, the estimated number of working days or hours, the expected travel costs or costs for virtual implementation. All costs, including VAT, must be listed in the financial offer. Lump sums for general administrative/administrative costs cannot be paid.

Please send questions and a complete offer by e-mail to Green Alternative on the following addresses:

Please see the Terms of Reference for the Evaluation