Today, March 14 marks the 15th annual celebration of the international Day of Action for Rivers. Theme for 2012 International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, Water and Life is “Keep Our Rivers Free!”.

Today communities worldwide address authorities and decision makers to support protection of rivers through policy and legislation improvement.

Association Green Alternative joins the international day of action reminding the Georgian society that the Georgian government has proclaimed the year of 2012 as the year of hydro power plants‘ construction.

We would like to draw your attention to a number of outstanding issues relating to projects such as Khudoni, Dariali HPPs and Cascades such as Namakhvani, Nenskra, and Chorokhi.

In case the abovementioned projects are implemented at least 3000 hectares of territory will be submerged including arrable lands, ancient Georgian villages, cultural and archaeological heritage sites; destroy biologically rich gorges of Rioni, Enguri and Tergi; and threaten Georgia’s Black Sea coastline with erosion. These projects can further affect already damaged vital space and accelerate ecological disasters in Georgia.

Association Green Alternative asks for the following:

  1. To suspend the ongoing works on construction of large HPPs planned in Georgia that is harmful for local communities and threatens the natural environment.
  2. To develop the state energy sector strategy with wide civic engagement that will consider all realistic alternatives such as small hydro power systems, wind, solar energy and biomass so that the most favourable scenario for Georgia’s people and natural environment could be selected which will also come into accord with the recommendations of World Commission on Dams.