What are the threats to the traditional land-use coming from new governmental initiative?

On 16 December, 2015 Georgian Government submitted to the Parliament a draft law “On changes to the law of Georgia “On Public Registry”. The draft law, developed by Ministry of Justice of Georgia provides for registration of the land plots not registered with Public Registry as the state property without any on-site inspection. According to the draft law, National Agency of State Property may (but is not obliged) require a ban to dispose or transfer for ownership of such land. If interested parties (e.g. persons who traditionally, generation to generation owned this land) fail to register the land, National Agency for State Property will be authorized to alienate these lands. A person, who fails to prove the ownership right, will lose this land. If National Agency for State Property does not require a ban to dispose and transfer for ownership, then the Agency will have the right to dispose the land at its discretion from the moment of its registration as state property.