Green Alternative is working to prevent the illegal trade of wildlife and preserve the unique biodiversity of Georgia by establishing the basis for flexible mechanisms of wildlife trade monitoring by an independent, non-governmental monitoring group, and by providing information, training, legal advice and support to state structures, NGOs, mass media and the general public.06-

Historically, Georgia has been a center of biodiversity, with many endangered and endemic species of fauna and flora. There are a number of problems in the protection of species and ecosystems. One of them is illegal wildlife trade, which has increased since the breakup of the Soviet Union and other political changes from 1990 to the present. These problems are caused by the opening of state borders, weakening of customs control, reduced funds for nature protection, growing poverty and new opportunities for private enterprises.

In search of economic alternatives, people are turning to lucrative poaching and trading of natural resources, including wildlife. Illegal cutting and export of trees and poaching of animals endangers the fauna and flora of Georgia.

IMG_2140Green Alternative is exploring the field of biodiversity protection, which in some regards is totally new to governmental and non-governmental entities in Georgia. The association works for clear identification of social problems and the formation of an approach based on public participation.