Partnership principle – the foundation for good governance

In the European Union’s Eastern Partnership region the political processes are still complex, the democracies are still fragile and concepts of sustainable economic development and protecting the environment are being challenged, even in advanced countries like Georgia and Ukraine, that already signed EU Association Agreements.

Despite the number of political problems, Armenia still continues to seek integration with EU that could be used by CSO groups for promoting further democratisation.

The country’s socio-economic development is widely jeopardised by the lack of strategic national development plans and the ad-hoc decision-making which excludes the public. The public participation practices and instruments in the region are far behind EU standards evidenced by the World Bank’s indicators on accountability, rule of law and corruption.

The EaP civil society needs new public participation models that would lead to better governance.

Our objective will be achieved through transfer of knowledge on the implementation of the so-called partnership principle – an EU pillar which requires civil society to be an equal partner in the management of public funds from the CSOs of the Visegrad group to CSOs in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. The unique V4 experience in this area can serve as a model for better governance in Eastern Partnership countries and can be a stepping stone for influencing the good governance of their public funds which largely rely on EU financial support. The project envisages collaboration on field research and advocacy, as well as series of trainings and analyzing of lessons learned. V4 country representatives will assist EaP CSOs to advocate for core principles of good governance: effectiveness, transparency and policy coherence.

Workshop learning by doing, Kutaisi, July, 2017

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Partner organisations

ECOLUR, Armenia
Friends of the Earth-CEPA, Slovakia 
CEE Bankwatch Nerwork 
National Ecological Centre of Ukraine 
National Society of Conservationists, Hungary 
Polish Green Network




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