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Established in 2000, Green Alternative, a civil society organization in Georgia, is dedicated to fostering sustainable development and championing the rights of local communities to shape a development path that preserves their way of life and surrounding environment. 

In Georgia, within the scope of infrastructure projects, ranging from dams to highways, the narrative spun by their proponents paints them as engines for development. Yet, there is a significant disparity between the ambitious promises of modernization and the on-the-ground impact, often encroaching upon the rights of the people. 

These contentious projects, often lacking public support and developed without public consultations, have reverberated through communities. Our collaborative efforts strive to amplify the voices of local communities, make visible their development vision, and ensure their future is not imposed upon but rather defined by them. 

Over the years, our efforts have included assisting communities in legal proceedings at the national level and representing them in the independent accountability mechanisms of international financial institutions.

Your donation can support in advocating for a development that harmonizes with the well-being of both people and the environment. 

Thank you for your help!

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