Complaint on Paravani Hydro Power Plant Project (Georgia) – EBRD Project Compliance Mechanism (PCM)

Independent Mechanisms

  • Complainants : Green Alternative
  • International Financial Institution: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Case name : Paravani Hydro Power Plant Project
  • Case Number : 2012/01

Complaint :

The project assumes construction of a 14 km derivation tunnel in order to divert water from the Paravani river to the Mtkvari river upstream of the village of Khertvisi and construction of 220 k transmission lines to connect with the grid. We strongly believe that the project has drastic negative impacts on biodiversity of the river Paravani, while the related 220 k transmission lines infrastructure would increase bird mortality. In addition, the project creates a significant risk of flooding Khertvisi village.

Materials :