Failing local communities, Report on the Land Assessment and Livelihoods Restoration Plan for the Nenskra Hydropower Project

A field investigation conducted by CEE Bankwatch Network in the Nenskra and Nakra valleys in Upper Svaneti in Georgia during two visits in July 2017 has found direct evidence that the Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan (LALRP) developed by JSC Nenkra Hydro is inaccurate and fails to properly map, assess and provide adequate compensation for project affected persons (PAPs), especially for those that are significantly and severely affected by the planned Nenskra hydropower plant. The LALRP and its implementation so far do not comply with the requirements of international financiers’ policies concerning involuntary resettlement and economic displacement. 

In February 2017, JCS Nenskra Hydro released a supplementary package of documents to the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (2015) for the Nenskra Hydropower project in order to comply with financing requirements by the European and Asian multilateral development institutions. The package contains a Social Impact Assessment and Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan that map the socio-economic profile of the impacted communities, assess the land acquisition impacts and outline the compensation for PAPs.